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View Diary: Nooses, attacks and jail for black students in Jena Louisiana (66 comments)

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  •  John, this is the whole point (0+ / 0-)

    The school officials ignored what should have been obviously addressed decades ago in order to allow racial segregation. It was only until black students challenged the practiced and challenged the fact that they were getting assaulted that anyone stepped in.

    Now is being prohibited from sitting under a tree the same as having separate bathrooms? No. But it's still a mechanism that keeps African-Americans in their place, just as the selective and overly harsh justice the DA has decided to mete out. The school knew about that policy, they never tried to end it. But when a black student did, the school and the DA did next to nothing until a white student was harmed.
    And then the response of both the school and the DA was a punishment far harsher than any that had been for any white person.

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