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    The value of diversity provides weak support for race based determinations in Seattle.

    All public schools in Seattle are far more "diverse" than the bulk of surrounding community.

    The problem is that there are two or three high schools that are just terrible - they are also 80%+ non-white.

    My child went to one of these schools. They are terrible - crime in the hallways, kids roaming the halls, kids randomly coming into classrooms and starting fights, a curriculum that is a joke, kids yelling in the halls as loud as they can, and staff and teachers who have given up.

    It is a crime to send any child to one of these schools. Minor adjustments of racial balance will not improve these schools.

    The method employed by Seattle did not work towards improving the bad schools, it served only as a diversion so the district could continue to ignore the problem. I am glad the district has to go back to the drawing board and think harder and try to come up with a plan that actually tries to solve the problems.

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