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View Diary: The rhetoric of Parents v. Seattle, part 1 (27 comments)

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    So, I was reading an article about the decision in the Seattle times, and one of the parents that was the plaintiff in the lawsuit was saying that school selection should not be based on race or income.  Reading that it seems to me the only way to remove raise from the school selection process is to make it completely random.  What happens is the student's rank which schools they want to go to.

    So, put the rankings in a computer develop a random algorithm that will assign students to schools.  It will not correct imbalances but it will make it so the school assignments on average reflect the racial make up of the student pool.  Then let's see what the parents think of a truly racial and income blind approach to school assignments. I expect it will piss everyone off.

    This seems like one of those things where a few unhappy people have created a situation where the result of their actions will be to make more people unhappy.  I hate selfish people who do not give a damn about the consequences of their actions on others, and like it when the consequences are just as likely to backfire in their face.  Basically, the parent who was upset that her daughter was put in her 4th choice school now gets an equal probability that exactly the same thing will happen, or worse higher probability that her 5ht or 6th choice might be her school.

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