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View Diary: Why I Declined My Congressional Health Coverage (239 comments)

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    F***ers. (From someone who does not swear a lot).

    They denied coverage for an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital as well as the hospitalization costs when I went into anaphylactic shock from being stung by a bee while riding in a in a vehicle. They said I should have gone to an in-network hosptial that was 20 miles away. Not only is 20 miles a long way to ride while in anaphylactic shock under normal circumstances, but there was an overturned oil truck on the only highway in the area and traffic was at a dead stop for nearly two hours. The closest hospital, by contrast, was less than a mile from where we were stuck in traffic. In other words, they told me, "Die, peon." A$$holes. Again, I like to avoid profanity, but seriously. F***ers.

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