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View Diary: Hopeful signs: Leahy, Russert discuss contempt of Congress (138 comments)

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  •  Splitting Hairs (0+ / 0-)

    You do not know that Gonzales would resign if impeachment hearing were initiated.  That is just speculation on your part.  One could just as easily make the argument that he wouldn't resign knowing full well that the Dems do not have the votes to ultimately be successful.

    Aside from political junkies who follow the US Atty scandal ... how do the Dems explain this action to the American public at large?  There are a lot of embarrassing details about how Gonzo is running the DoJ but I did not see the kind of smoking gun evidence of criminal wrongdoing that would get traction with the public at a large.  There's plenty of politics involved with Gonzo's leadership, but where exactly is the evidence of criminality?

    I stand by my comment about not using impeachment in the same willy-nilly manner the Repubs used in the 90s.  Using impeachment on the basis that we hope that Gonzo will resign rather than testify, is akin to check-raising with a bluff when we know we don't have the votes to prevail on impeachment.  If Gonzo calls the bluff what then?  The fallout vis-a-vie the 2008 elections could be significant.

    PS ... Gonzo showed now signs of resigning when that Senate No Confidence vote was being filibustered.

    •  Gonzales (0+ / 0-)

      Anyone who has a memory as faulty as Gonzales is not competent to be AG.  

      Doing nothing is not an answer.

      •  Doing Nothing? (0+ / 0-)

        Leahy and Conyers are continuing their investigations of DoJ and other matters.  That is not doing nothing, unless of course the only thing that counts for "doing something" is an impeachment proceeding.

        That big one vote margin in the Senate and I guess the expectation of many here is that the Congressional Dems need to act precipitately and start impeachment RIGHT NOW even if that action is doomed to failure and could seriously put a dent in our prospects for 2008.  Cut off our nose to spite our face.  But we would prove we have big cajones in the process and that's what really counts.  Right?

        •  Yes. Nothing. (0+ / 0-)

          The only meaningful result this whole subpoena process may have is the SCOTUS - years from now when the case is ejudicated - saying that Congress has no right to the information by a 5-4 vote.

          •  And What About The Blowback (0+ / 0-)

            of an approach that can be summed up as: Impeach Now, Nothing Else Is Satisfactory.

            Short-cut the ground work for an impeachment proceeding (against anyone), act precipitately and commence impeachment anyway, loose the impeachment trial/s in the Senate, and then get pummeled in the media and have public opinion polls turn against us.

            The only meaningful result of that could very well be a return to minority party status in 2008.

            •  Disagree (0+ / 0-)

              The quickest way for Democrats to return to minority party status in Congress is to continue doing what they're doing - meaningless dog and pony shows.

              •  Realism (0+ / 0-)

                The country is not as liberal as you think it is.  I wish it was ... but it isn't. To echo what Al Gore said 30 days ago on PBS: "There is no public consensus for impeachment proceedings."

                Characterizing the Democratic Congress as doing nothing but meaningless dog and phony shows is facile analysis.  It also does not recognize the reality of governing with a one vote margin in the Senate.

                There is a process.  Subpoenas (already issued and more are almost certainly coming on the NSA spying program).  Contempt of Congress resolutions (on the table). Those steps are not meaningless dog and phony shows.

                The idea that a (still) relatively conservative voting public is going to punish the Democrats in 2008 for not acting to impeach Cheney and Bush soon enough is a bit far fetched.  However ... it wouldn't surprise me if some of the true believers on our side organized a boycott of the 2008 election because of a failure to impeachment Bush soon enough.  That'll show em!

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