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View Diary: Car Bomber of Women's Health Clinic Charged With "Arson" (177 comments)

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    Even if it was an abortion clinic, it would still be wrong.

    "Even if they were Liberals, killing them while they were asleep in their beds was wrong".
    "Even if it was a Mosque, bombing it while it was full of children was wrong".

    What a terrorist. What a rotten bastard. Five years?

    Evil people suck.

    This guy should have been in prison for a lot longer than five years considering the premeditation and thought he obviously put into this. (The Gatoraide bottle filled with gasoline kind of makes it tough to argue this was some spontanious act of irrational violence. He knew very well what he was doing.)

    IOKYAR in action I guess.

    Our Lou Dobbs poll question tonight is: "Would you rather have terminal bone cancer or free ice cream for life?" Mail your reply to...

    by LeftHandedMan on Sun Jul 01, 2007 at 05:12:25 PM PDT

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