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View Diary: House Dems Win Battle against Bush Power Grab (214 comments)

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  •  I heard that Blackwater was building training (0+ / 0-)

    paramilitary facilities in various states and that questions were being raised about that... IF that is true, it is very, very, very unsettling....  (now what on earth, would a corporately run paramilitary be used for????)

    Unfortunately, in the recent week, the thought that they won't leave office has occurred to me too... I am deeply disturbed by the Cheney thing last week, NOT what was revealed but at Cheney's OPEN insouciance, his 'I don't give a shit-arrogance about his disdain for complying with any 'part of govt.

    My gut got very concerned bec., for such a private man, he behaved as though he was truly BEYOND REACH - and FUCK US ALL!  And IMO he pulled the strings for the Libby stuff.  

    Either Cheney is losing his mind or all the pieces are in place to spring the trap.... these people have had a number of conspiracies and to try to anticipate their thinking may seem like being a CT, but it is simply thinking like them, in order to try to understand what is happening, and how to protect ourselves.

    Yes, I also think we should be prepared for some kind of 'terrorist' stage show around the election times....we should prepare ahead of time and innoculate the public, so that in any chaos of fear, people will not willingly give up their freedoms, like the Congress did with the Patriot Act.

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