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View Diary: House Dems Win Battle against Bush Power Grab (214 comments)

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    is that they expect the next president, Dem or Rep, to be just as corruptable as the current one.  They figure that money will keep the sway and they have the money to sway.

    Do you think the neo-cons will disappear?  The American Enterprise Institute?  The Dems just might not suckle at their teats as much as the Reps.  

    Also, its easier to destroy than rebuild.  They probably look at it as 'even if a Dem gets in for a term or two, a Rep will also get back in at some time and its easier to tear down walls than rebuild them'.  So they probably look at it as one step back for two steps forward if a Dem gets the power.

    And do you honestly believe a Dem president would rebuff all these additional powers that Bush has gained?  And do you also believe Reps will not bully and fight a Dem president who tries to use such powers to the end of time?  Please.

    This is the difference between the parties - the Reps (at least the ones calling the shots now) simply DO NOT CARE about you or what you think, so they will act without thought for conscience.  The Dems may care a little bit about what you think and will not fight as dirty as the Reps.

    Trust me, if a Dem is elected president and the Reps get either house of Congress, impeachment hearings will begin if the Dem president so much as jaywalks.

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