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View Diary: Senate Push on Iraq Coming (88 comments)

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  •  Believe me, I sympathize with you (2+ / 0-)
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    greenearth, Rayk

    But the alternative to supporting the Democrats at this time is to take the attitude that both parties are alike, the Democrats are just like the Republicans, and it's no use to hope for anything from them.

    I think we've seen that there are great differences between the parties, even though the Democrats are deeply flawed.

    The only way we can change things AT THIS TIME, is to push the Democrats and support them when they seem to be trying to do the right thing.

    Kos has pointed out that the time to change the Democratic party is during primaries. We need better Democrats!

    •  We must support the Democrats! (1+ / 0-)
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      Because despite their shortcomings, they look like angels compared to the pro-torture, pro-warrantless surveillance, pro-ongoing carnage in Iraq Republicans.

      But...if the Democrats fail, we must be prepared to stand up to the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT and DEMAND our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

      If necessary, we must be ready bring this government down by standing in the streets. Like the Czechs.

      Whatever the Congress does, WE THE PEOPLE are serious about confronting tyranny and restoring our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. Sovereignty is OURS, not the property of our government SERVANTS.

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