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  •  you're 100% right. the repubs WILL pull out in 08 (1+ / 0-)
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    they just have to make it look like it was their idea, and that it was on their own terms. but they pretty much have to, to avoid electoral catastrophe.

    that's their strategy. and the only counter is to show backbone NOW.

    there are only two sides -- with the troops or with the President

    by danthrax on Sat Jul 07, 2007 at 11:48:42 PM PDT

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    •  Wrong (0+ / 0-)

      John Murtha, and many pundits were convinced there would be a drawdown before Nov 2006.

       The Republicans couldn't afford to be stubborn and defy the majority opinion. But it never happened. More bad news for repubs, after the Nov election debacle Bush still went ahead with a escalation of military forces blowing off entirely the ISG plan for disengaging .

       Now the plans from Cheney representing the neocons in charge are to push the agenda of occupation wider and deeper regardless of popularity or what citizens (regular Americans) want. For neocons:

      There is still unfinished business with Iran. There s still a "need" to have a major base and keep control of the MidEast oil fields.

      So there won't be anything new or a "withdrawal" of substance from this Administration.

       There will be cosmetic changes and stonewalling.

      All their problems now are "alQuaeda" with Iranian support.  That is a multifaceted lie, but it will do with enough repetition. Withdrawal will be "chaos and massacres", and a loss of the oil ownership for their pet corporate preferred sponsors.

      So it won't happen unless they (Cheney and his gang)are forced at the point of jail or a gun to drop their antics.

       Their plans are hopeless because it is now obvious to everyone including Americans and Iraqis the Cheney gang has no reliable Iraqi partner EXCEPT some thugs selling out for a slice of dollars (bribery) or as surrogates for Iranian Shiia. Those people are without a real future in Iraq. The rest are vying for some sort of position. None of it involves a permanent deal with the Cheney corporate gangs.

        Fareed Zakaria pointed out the obvious. The military limited success has no meaning. The USA policy has no reliable partner among any of the factions and the ones they are supporting are actually leaning towards Iran more than the USA.

      That is a huge disaster that only grows day by day.

        There is no Iraqi government except a media US sponsored PR team. There is no loyalty ,and no future for it as it is now.

      America has been stolen, your citizenship is a hollow fraud, and you have no power. What will YOU do to reverse these hurts, crimes, outrages?

      by Pete Rock on Tue Jul 10, 2007 at 07:42:46 AM PDT

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