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View Diary: Thank Bush, Sr. for A.Q. Khan, UBL and the Plame Case (30 comments)

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  •  Armitage- not just some old fart (4+ / 0-)

    with a big mouth...'a bumbler who liked to tell a yarn or two' I think some right wingnut was spewing. No coincidences there.
       This is really good writing Mark, I look forward to Part 2!
    Resident evil.
      I was rangling with someone just recently about Clinton, Khan and the BCCI, it's in this thread, with lots of links. But dig through the whole thread, 18 comments,  not just the tr'g, it gets all linky about BCCI, AQ Khan and all. It was a good re-education for includes the link to the Kerry Commission BCCI report.

       Carter/Reagan and the Iran hostage crisis is obviously related. Americans were allowed to be held hostage by a foreign government for domestic political purposes, and members of the US government and it's agencies were complicit. I knew that.
      Safari Club. When is their next yearly conference, and where?

      The recent BAE scandal that is being investigated in the UK is about this same stuff I believe, and seems to be the UK wing of the Saudi arms dealing/blackmail racket. Blackmail as a concept here always seemd right, and you certainly seem to put flesh on those bones.
       Not much about that here yet...The Economist had some articles back in June'07, along with some Yahoo and AP articles reported here in comments by me and others..

       There's dust on my tinfoil.

      Thanks again Mark. Diaries like this are like little folded cranes set on the river, you never know what good they may do, but one does it anyway.

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