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View Diary: Thank Bush, Sr. for A.Q. Khan, UBL and the Plame Case (30 comments)

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  •  Ledeen AND Shackley in Italy! Hello! (4+ / 0-)

    Just god dammmit!
       That son of a bitch must have been involved in the Niger documents. I never in all those diaries about the Niger docs read that. I read vague suspicions about Ledeen there, but not that connection. God dammit, these people are just walking around free and easy with money and friends.
      Ok, I'm cool...not.
      Hi LYank, thanks for that post. Recently I was reading back aways(see below) and you commented at length about your previous employment. That was interesting, and I hadn't read it before...never enough time is there? You got some experiences, more than many that comment here about these issues.
       And now Ledeen and Jerome Corsi and that whole stinking cesspool of talent is busy trying to get Perpetual War by trying to get us involved in we've talked about so much here..and still they do it.
          Interesting that Liz Cheney is reported to be working for Fred 'The Skull' Thompson. Remember Liz Cheney was in a State Dept wing whose project was to propagandize Iran? I think her main duty there was to sabotage , surveill, and report back to Daddy Warbucks Fourthbranch, as I think that was a good cop State Dept/ Condi  opposed to Cheney's badcop wing.
       All the best, KB

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