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View Diary: Thank Bush, Sr. for A.Q. Khan, UBL and the Plame Case (30 comments)

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    I had read about the Italian Niger forgeries and that the conclusion it was covered over is that our allies would discover we were spying on them and GW did not want that to come out. This pretty much confirms it though.We were spying on an ally, Pakistan. Especially in light that Pakistan was a questionable,loose cannon of an ally.
     I think what has happened is Cheney has replaced many of the old GHB CIA-ops of the Cold-war era-(concerned with making money for weapons dealers and oil)with different ones (concerned with airplanes, construction of pipelines, and oil/natural gas.)While your article points out the purging-I have difficulty thinking anything has changed.(I base this on the holdings of Cheney in companies such as Lockheed, Halliburton,and the growth of orgnizations like Blackwater). I don't think I am wrong in connecting such dots.
    Much of this article leaves out involvement by those higher up who deserve much of the blame also such as Kissinger and Bush 41 at the UN.Many of
    these CIA ops were also used extensively to break into other diplomats embassies. While Bush was at UN, Chiles' offices were broken into at least 5x the year before Allende was killed in a coup.HMmm.
    Kiss was also the one pushing that the US should ALWAYS ally with Pakistan no matter what-becasue of their relations to China-pitting the US against Russia.
    I doubt that any of this has been shut down-but has simply been moved to the Caspian area. That could be seen last summer with the kidnapping of a servicemember in Georgia and how quickly it was hushed up.No doubt the same people selling nukes/aiplanes to Pakistanis-will only be too happy to see them to all of those broken up
    Russian/Caspian countries. nevermind the humanitarian fact that they are some of the worst human-rights offfenders, with evil dictatorships.

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