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  •  won't people be inclined to think that is enough? (4+ / 0-)

    media heads will complain about saturation as trials and hearings draw out for years.  That's what must happen to do it right but as soon as the media and public tires of it, some politicians will lose the political will.  

    For now we want to avoid trial after trial after trial because the public will get board and want it drawn to a close.  

    I wish there was some way we could force it down the throats of the American people that we don't get to say when it is drawn to a close.  There's a whole generation of people in Iraq with hollowed out shells where their souls used to be.  This will never be drawn to close for them.  

    After WWII German citizens were made to tour the concentration camps.  Schoolchildren saw the film footage from when the camps were liberated.  We need the equivalent of that.  We need to say to people "You did this.  You, in your complacency, did this."  

    At this moment there are still active Nazi hunters and that's the kind of resolve that will be needed to face this.  We, as a people, must be committed to atoning for this national sin until the day we die and not settle for any scapegoats.

    Yes, US soldiers who committed war crimes need to be tried too.  We need to get over the "support our troops no matter what" mantra and make people see what is going on.  We're sending convicted felons and gang members over there now due to the inability to recruit anyone else.  They are acting like a bunch of thugs.  I've been collecting video clips that soldiers take on their cell phones.  I figure I'll post it when I've got a few hours worth.

    This post brought to you by George Soros and the vast left wing conspiracy

    by VelvetElvis on Sun Jul 08, 2007 at 05:44:19 PM PDT

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    •  It is SUCH a tough situation! (2+ / 0-)
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      farleftcoast, VelvetElvis

      But I think Americans would seriously protest and be outraged by the UN or other 'furriners' going after a US President that hadn't been thoroughly repudiated by Congress first.

      Witness how the charges in Germany against Rumsfeld went away.

      It is VERY tough to buck the American power structure.

      Looking forward to your diary a LOT!

    •  There are still Nazi hunters. (1+ / 0-)
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      I know that in my heart, but I'm glad you brought it to mind. It makes me realize that maybe someday in 50 or 100 years All Americans will know just how badly they have been served by these perpetual elites, and their cronies.

      Can you think of anything the right wing will NOT do? Me neither.

      by axman on Sun Jul 08, 2007 at 07:08:59 PM PDT

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