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View Diary: NOBODY Marched To Impeach Bill Clinton! (303 comments)

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    I'm not sure of the exact timing of the impeachment, but I'm pretty sure it was first.  Everyone seemed so sure the Republicans would win on Clinton's lack of morals, and I won a bet over the outcome of that election, but it may have been the prosecution of Clinton that happened before impeachment, and making him testify, and all that nasty stuff Kenneth Starr had in his report, it was like pornographic, and quite ugly..  That's why a lot of us were upset with the way Gore was handling his campaign, he had picked Liberman partly because old sanctimonious Liberman was appalled by Clinton's behavior, this from guy who divorced his first wife because she wasn't spiritual enough.  And he didn't let Clinton campaign for him, and he ran without making much hay out of the record, because he thought the country was appalled by Clinton's sexual misconduct, when truth to tell, the people didn't care that much, and I thought the attention to his showed an unseemly interest in other people's body fluids.  The point is that it didn't work to lessen support. The diary point is that the public wasn't trying to get rid of him, and showed that in the mid-terms.  

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      so I try to make a point to correct it because obviously a lot of people heard it said enough so they believe it must be true. Very frustrating.

      Maybe I should make this my signature line.

      Midterm elections occurred before Clinton was impeached. The 1998 midterm elections happened on November 3rd. Clinton was impeached in the House on December 19, 1998.

      Let your conscience be your guide.

      by Jiminy Cricket on Sun Jul 08, 2007 at 06:11:32 PM PDT

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