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    After Powell agreed to do the UN speech he was given a draft from Libby and took it, with his doubts, to the CIA. There he learned that the CIA could/would not verify any of the claims (we now know they were all fabricated and attributed to Curveball). Not one.

    At that point, he should have refused to give the speech. Of course that would have been a death sentence - perhaps literally. But that's the point at which he knew and validated all he needed to know and should have stepped out of the box.

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      I'm away from my normal location and can't be too specific.

      I remember, however, that he had someone go over the speech to take out the worst offenders- but left in some other that to him, seemed plausible- which made it even worse when he said them. Even his own Chief of Staff (Wilkerson, I think his name is) warned him not to make the speech at all.

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