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  •  Powell - Morally Corrupt, Congenital Toady (4+ / 0-)
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    Hornito, mcartri, Cali Techie, moosely2006

    What is truly amazing is the gullibility of the MSM concerning this miserable excuse for a 'hero.'

    When he was first named Sec. of State, the media swooned that he would bring moderation and stability to the Bush gang. I got a big therapuetic laugh out of that statement.

    Powell may well have been the most morally corrupt person in the Bush administration.

    Powell's rise to the top was the result of a singular talent.  The ability to protect his superiors.

    I always get angry when I hear Powell talk about loyalty.  His loyalty was supposed to be to the American people.  He's never understood that essential requirement in any public servant.

    As always, in typical Republican fashion, he blames lower level staff for his problems.

    Coward and a cur, indeed.

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