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  •  Colin Powell: Wise or Wise Guy? (2+ / 0-)
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    PinHole, Desert Biologist

    The military is a club that is a band of brothers. Colin Powell forgot that. Instead of loyalty to the troops, he gave his loyalty--knowing very well the horrific consequences to follow--to a witless Texan who knew less than nothing about the world around him. Powell is a liar and most of all also responsible for the deaths of almost 4,000 american soldiers in Iraq. The man is not a man of conscience at all but just a political hack in an old uniform who never once gave consideraton to the troops. Always, Bush ... Bush ... Bush. I wonder, if like this souless president and his hitmen in the White House, if Powell has ever visted the gravesite of someone kilked in Iraq, or ever attented a funeral for one of the troops who's death he had abetted. The man has no shame. He belongs behind bars with the rest of his repugnant friends in the White house.    

    •  If Mr. Powell KNEW beforhand what the results ... (0+ / 0-)

      of this war would be, as he now says, and did not resign in protest rather than make the lying speech to the U.N., he is just another boot-licker and does not have a scintilla of leadership in his whole body!  Resigning under those circumstances was the only honorable thing to do! Following those orders was a betrayal of the country and the military he supposedly held in some regard.

      Also "I was just following orders" is a very poor defense for a man who, by his actions and playing on the respect he had gained in the first Gulf War, help to send thousands of Americans and Iraqis to their death and ruined hundreds of thousands of lives.

      Thank the powers that be he will NEVER be considered for president, even if he wanted it.  He put paid to that notion with his U.N. speech.  In his heart he knows it, but like Nixon he is still trying to redeem his reputation!  No sale here!

      Great diary!

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