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  •  The most Orwellian idea... (none) already world-wide, with "Peacekeepers."  But the US could one-up that by calling our troops "Peacemakers."  Or maybe "Protectors."  While "Legions" has an appropriate Imperial Rome ring, the High Roman Empire connection is too obvious; maybe we can just go to calling a spade a spade and say "Crusaders"?

    After all, the Preznit himself said the GWoT is a crusade.

    •  Footnote on the Crusades (none)
      I've been dipping into a collection of essays which provide an overview of how the crusaded against lived those times. In a chapter which examines evidence of cannibalism (by the disgustingly brutal crusaders) an eleventh century free-thinking Arabic poet, Aboul-Ala al-Maari, is quoted. This may fall far afield of his delicate expression, because I'm translating from French, but the basic idea will transmit perfectly:

      Earth's inhabitants can be divided into two kinds of people
      Those who have brains and no religion,
      And those who have a religion, but no brains.

      He died in 1057.

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