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  •  nightsweat, I wouldn't call him a target . . . (8+ / 0-)

    I would say that we must hold his feet to the fire.

    You can see when Michael Moore challenged him and Wolf, they retracted some of their crap.

    So silence or what should we call it, courtesy, or being meek, does nothing to help us.

    •  I think we're fine so far (3+ / 0-)
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      nyceve, Janet Strange, PsychoSavannah

      I just worry about using him as shorthand for the anti-UHC forces.

      Of course I completely agree with your goals and think you've been one of the most important diarists to come out of this site.  

      And of course, despite your talent in fighting this issue, I hope that in a couple of years, the Congress and president will take the issue away by passing UHC and you'll have to find some other injustice to fight. :)

      The Cubs WILL win the World Series in '07. I'm not saying which century, though.

      by nightsweat on Thu Jul 12, 2007 at 06:25:28 AM PDT

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