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  •  Now, for the pitch. (4+ / 0-)

    nyceve documents that the MSM and the political establishment are stonewalling on the real discussion about healthcare reform.

    It's up to us, the readers of this diary, to build a grassroots movement for single-payer healthcare that's big, noisy, and obstreperous enough that the politicians and other paid chatterers just can't turn their backs anymore.

    I am hearing isolated reports of a healthy community response to patients' egregious treatments by for-profit health insurers, i.e., at least one rally recently, and media coverage far and wide, when Blue Cross stopped paying for a cancer patient's care. By all means, let's have more. The abuses by health insurance corporations aren't new; the overwhelming response by the community to each situation is an emergent, very hopeful trend I'm encouraging with all my heart.

    You can get involved personally, doing a lot or a little, as your life situation permits. Kick in what you can afford to the local single-payer lobby; that would be the one for SB 840 in California, and HR 676, federal legislation, outside this state.

    You can make a few phone calls, or send letters or emails, no matter how busy you are. You can talk to your family and friends and let them know you believe for-profit healthcare funding must go, and why.

    If a lot of us each does a little, there is no stopping this movement.

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