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  •  I went to a walk-in clinic for the Chantix (2+ / 0-)
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    LBK, sockpuppet

    and some other medication, and the Doc was annoyed, told me I need a family doctor for these types of issues.  My family doctor was $120.00 a visit (I had insurance then, with a $30.00 co-pay.)  It is difficult to get an appointment with him.  And he would recommend a specialist for most of my issues.  (Female, dermatology, mental health, etc.)  More waiting for expensive appointments. The walk in clinic is only $77.00 per visit if you don't have insurance.  I am only to go there for acute care from now on, according to the Doc.  So even if I can pay him, he doesn't have time for me.  And he only spent 5 minutes with me both times I went.  Insanity.

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