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  •  Gupta is a pitiful shill (0+ / 0-)

    One of my doctors has this HORRIBLE M.I.C. (Medical Industrial Complex) teevee brainwashing program going all day in his office. I guess it's there to distract the patients from the endless stream of over dressed, machine "tanned," perfectly coiffed drug peddlers that constantly troop in and out..

    Anyway, Gupta is the lead shill, makes me wanna puke, which with me is not an idle threat!

    You see, apparently my B cell lymphoma has spread into the lining of my digestive system. My wife teases me and calls it my "morning sickness." When it hits me, sometimes it's "clean up in aisle three."

    Keep up the good work, Eve. I just got home from my oncologist and maybe later I can find the energy to post a diary.

    Short story, there is a new type of treatment for what I've got that takes two injections a week apart, no side effects and a 70% success rate. It's been approved by the FDA. It was developed less than 90 miles from where I live, at the U of Michigan med school and is available there.

    But... (you KNEW there was a "but" didn't you?)

    That's not "in network" for my HMO.

    So instead, I have to take a drug (Rituxin) that has a 40% success rate,given as all day chemo, one day a week for six weeks, every six months, for two years and, it makes ya sick. And I have a really bad but very common reaction to the old drug that has to be co-administered with it (benadryl) to prevent a reaction to the Rituxin.

    Please don't take my word for it, here's a link...

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