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  •  Gupta's problem was phony emphasis on "free" (0+ / 0-)

    Gupta kept claiming he was only objecting to Moore claiming the working health care systems in the rest of the world were "free".

    That was intellectually dishonest of Gupta because that is no what Moore stated. Gupta chose to purposely take Moore's demonstrating that patients don't have to pay at doctors office nor do they get 2nd mortgage hospital bills afterward. Treatment is not based on "are you covered" it is based on "what do you need medically".

    If Gupta is bringing up who pays and where (Gupta's real point) it would be more honest of him to point out that the European's pay half as much as Americans for health care so that it would be honest to day whatever you are paying now for health care, cut the bill in half.

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