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View Diary: New York Times Gets it Half-Right on Bush's Lies (83 comments)

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    Even Bush admitted Osama bin Laden has no operations in Iraq. Regarding Osama, Bush said:

    He is attempting to establish a base of operations in Iraq. He hasn't established a base in operations .... Osama bin Laden was establishing an external cell there, or trying to, and he's been unable to do it.

    Here's a good article from the Christian Science Monitor:

    The Washington Post reports that Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden put Al Qaeda low on his list of concerns over Iraq in a meeting with members of the Iraq Study Group last November. Hayden catalogued what he saw as the main sources of violence in this order: the insurgency, sectarian strife, criminality, general anarchy and, lastly, al-Qaeda. Though Hayden had listed al-Qaeda as the fifth most pressing threat in Iraq, Bush regularly lists al-Qaeda first.

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