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View Diary: New York Times Gets it Half-Right on Bush's Lies (83 comments)

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  •  One of my concern over these "oops" articles (0+ / 0-)

    especially if it becomes a pattern, is the credibility of the msm then becomes a huge issue to the masses. These articles also may confuse people especially those not paying very close attention. These types of people then aren't sure what or who to believe or trust anymore....and that may be a problem. It may also turn people away from even bothering to try to stay informed. An uninformed, apathetic, and cynical populace in a democracy is a dangerous thing (as we have seen)and that may ultimately enable those who seek to mislead it and who seek to do devious things.

    Don't get me wrong I think that honest corrections are required....and I'm happy to see them.'s their pattern of their initial reporting behavior that needs to change. And as we saw, outlets like McClatchy (formerly Knight-Ridder from which Clark Hoyt hails) was able to do successfully and consistentenly proving that it can be done. The news organization just have to have the desire and the will power do to it right the first time....and I'm not so certain that all those especially in the some of the ownership or higher up ranks of the editorial boards are interested in that right now  for some reason.

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