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    (down here in a subthread where I suspect only you'll see it Robyn) I'd suggest that this whole issue changes dramatically when framed in terms of inadequate access to care for a class of people.  Surgery is a pretty small cost when put in that frame; indeed, in the terms of arguement, it changes presumption.  When it is in terms of "SRS" people focus on genitalia, choice, squick -- at worst -- and noble tale of obstacles and overcome -- at best.  And the issue can be seen as neither of those things, but rather one specific treatment in a group of people who have a HIV rate which rivals or surpasses Africa's.  People can still contest the cost of this or that because they're squicked -- but if the discussion starts from that, presumption lies with relatively complete treatment.

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      ...I had hoped we'd talk about more than just surgery.  I didn't flesh that out as well in the diary, but it was getting too long as it is.

      And the truth is, I * won * that part of the battle.  Many people don't.  On the one hand, I wanted to talk about treatment in general, but on the other hand, * squick * draws a crowd...know what I'm saying?

      And it is a bigger issue.  It's an issue for all people with non-popular diseases.  Democracy is not a good doctor.

      Maybe some people with similar issues can find common cause with us.  That would be nice.

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      by rserven on Fri Jul 13, 2007 at 01:34:28 PM PDT

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        rserven criticism of the diary.  I was thinking about the comments, and my own reaction -- specifically how people talked about SRS right off the bat.  Not the immediately offensive stuff but the comparisons to -- let's see -- gastric bypass, erectile dyfunction, obesity, burns (my little contribution), nose jobs.  The lifeboat measuring was predictable.  What the discussion felt like, for me, was initially pretty uncomfortable.   I don't like simplified contexts, even if they work :}  I kept thinking of my NL experience.  They have this really hard headed, cost-benefit system, but they cover everything -- electrolysis or laser even, to a point.  But it's in a larger social context.  You don't leave a class of people on the street, because it's socially and ultimately monetarily expensive.  And that is an arguement I think finds common cause of it's own :}

        Anyway, back to work...

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