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View Diary: 7/19/2004: the birth of Blogosphere Day (by its founder) (10 comments)

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    2004 was an example of the blogosphere's excitement over its own capacities superseding its judgment.  Ginny Schrader was a lousy candidate. Not just based on fundraising -- she had raised all of $24,000 by the end of June 2004 -- but on the ground.  I had met her several times by then and she never impressed me once -- she struck me as being a nice lady who probably believed the right things, but utterly lacked the gravitas or charisma to be a winning candidate.

    The DCCC should've overruled us, and located someone with better political talents and fundraising skills for the slot.  

    As it turned out, despite massive support from the DCCC, Schrader lost by 40,000 votes in a district Kerry won by 9,000.  This was a missed opportunity, and the only bright side is who's there now.

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