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View Diary: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (120 comments)

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  •  Cheering Troops? (none)
    I've been listening to NPR all day and I've heard this story enough times to make me puke.

    They've said 600 cheering troops over and over again. While I'll grant that many if not the majority there did cheer no one can make me believe that his support there is unanimous.

    I'm sure that Rove's eye to the future had much more to do with this trip than any "compassion" or heroism felt by Mr. Shrub.

    •  Re: Cheering Troops? (none)
      Ah yes, the Photo-Op Presidency.
    •  Re: Cheering Troops? (none)
      Yes, kinda funny that with 600 cheering troops they couldn't find one (at least for this story)

      to quote.    The service person they did quote three times wasn't even there.

      And odd that so many soldiers just happened to bring cameras to the mess hall that day for the surprise visit.

    •  Re: Cheering Troops? (none)
      Yeah, I heard this all over NPR this afternoon..

      I have a strange feeling that there is something risky and possibly politically dangerous in what they did.  It's to do with the secrecy aspect - the fact that they hand picked a contingent of reporters and insisted on no leaks.  The whole thing invites plenty of discussion on the logistics of the visit, and how the officials were just so blatent about exercising power over members of the press and deliberately misleading others by saying Bush would be in Crawford.  

      It just seems like a bad door to open when one is already vulnerable to accusations of concentrating way too much on photo-ops and managing press coverage.

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