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    The secretiveness of the trip until after he was gone was a wise move security-wise.  Supposedly he was invited by Sanchez.  My guess is that the 600 troops (a small fraction of total troops there) were carefully chosen.  Sanchez also supposedly arranged the warm greeting.  I am glad the president went although I do suspect his motives.  At least he is showing appreciation to the troops.  He needs to do more than this one-time gesture though.

    As for the difference between Iraq and Kosovo... one was bloodless for us and the other was not.  One was done specifically to stop a cruel dictator and his followers and the other was not... at least not until after the alleged WMDs that necessitated the rush to war never materialized.  One was headed by an American general who had a good exit plan and the other... One produced an American hero (Wes Clark's picture and likeness is common in Kosovo) to the people who were liberated and the other has produced anger and ceaseless casualties...

    •  Re: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (none)
      I believe the 600 soldiers had signed up for a raffle to win a thanksgiiving dinner with Bremer. Not sure which was the draw...turkey or Bremer? But it probably was a little more appealing to soldiers still convinced of the rightness of Bush/Bremer policy. Rove marketing tactics in action.

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