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    Wait a sec ... there's something like 143,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, and they only put Our National Disgrace in front of 600?  I mean, granted, it was a mess hall or whatever, but no cheering throngs of thousands of soldiers?  No triumphant speech about how well they have done since victory was declared?

    I can't imagine why Rove would have missed this golden opportunity to demonstrate the military's unified support of the "President."

    (What?  They don't support him en masse?  They thought more than 600 hand-picked soldiers might have shown more dissension in the ranks?  Oh, well, then, never mind.)

    "Secrecy and a free, democratic government don't mix." - Harry S Truman

    by Sinfonian on Fri Nov 28, 2003 at 12:43:16 AM PST

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    •  Re: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (none)
      (What?  They don't support him en masse?  They thought more than 600 hand-picked soldiers might have shown more dissension in the ranks?  Oh, well, then, never mind.)

      Due to the pressures of time he was forced to forego visits to the more distant regions of Iraq. And daylight was coming...

      •  Daylight come (none)
        and me wanna go home...

        gotta get back in the coffin before it peeks over the horizon.

        •  Re: Daylight come (none)
          I'm a bartender in NYC and today I spoke with a communications expert who is flying to Baghdad tomorrow for his sixth trip in two months (being that he is English I expected him to be exceptionally anti-U.S.).

          So I asked him what was happening there in hopes of getting a true feel for the ground.  And you know what he said?

          That 99.5% of Iraqis are, not only extremely pleased, but rather, ecstatic that the U.S. did what it did.  And that it is too bad that the 00.5% of whatever+AlQueda are doing what they can do to disrupt things and try and scare America off.

          After reading the negative blather and hopeful pessimism around here, I FIND THAT I AM ECSTATIC MYSELF just to hear another point of view.

          I hate to be snarky, but it seems that there is a large bart of this contingent that is hoping for the Apocalypse for their own narrow ends.

          My advice is to keep hoping folks, the one specific to your partisan way of thought might just be coming.

          Nobody wants to be associated with a NEGATIVE, and, unfortunately, that's just what the LEFT has become.  

          P.S. Booing means you've already lost.

          •  Re: Daylight come (none)
            I hate to tell you this but when our troops entered Baghdad, a city of five million, there were only a few thousand people in the streets.  To me that doesn't equate to 99.5% of the people.  Also, if 99.5% of the Iraqi's were happy for what the U.S. has done then why can't they take over their own country and drive out those .5% themselves.  The truth is your drunken source is dead wrong and a few hundred dead American soldiers would back me up on that.

            "The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it's conformity."

            by Rakkassan on Fri Nov 28, 2003 at 11:36:23 AM PST

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            •  Re: Daylight come (none)
              Why weren't there more in the streets?  One word: Baathists.  In every neighborhood there is/was a network of informers and party loyalists who keep/kept the people in line.  After the war it was extremely difficult to publicly assess the feelings of people who lived under such repressive conditions for 30 years.  It is understandable that some Iraqis resent the American presence.  Now, especially now, most welcome it until security is restored.  

              The situation in Iraq will stabilize after the thugs involved in the attacks are tracked down and eliminated and more Iraqis are trained as policemen.  Security will be better if the Iraqis are policed by their own people and not by Americans.  It takes time.  It is a shame that the critics seem to forget this for political reasons.  There is a significant effort (mainly unreported for some reason) to build up the Iraqi security forces.

              Remember this:  the only way for the thugs in Iraq to win is to cause the US troops to withdraw.  

              The only way for the US troops to withdraw is for a Democrat to be elected in this country.  

              The only way for a Democrat to be elected is for the thugs to keep killing innocent Iraqis, aid workers there to help their country, and Americans and hopefully, with their allies, scare people in this country into joining those who want to want the US to run and abandon the Iraqi people at their time of greatest need.

              I hate the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

              by Mad Jayhawk on Tue Dec 02, 2003 at 11:00:30 PM PST

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