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  •  Re: Showing Up Bush (none)
    Agreed he's responding. I think this was a political panic attack by Rove. He loaded up his puppets on AF1 and sent them for a photoop.

    But Hillarys' motives are undoubtably not so pure. You can bet she has an eye on 2008 or 2012 and she's doing all the right things to win those in  a big way. She's keeping the base Very happy and at the same time cautiously courting so-called 'mainstream conservatives'.

    •  Pure Motives (none)
      I'd call those pretty pure motives, she's a pol, she wants to win, she's putting in the hard yards. What's more, she has a long term goal and she's working on it 5 years out. She came through a sky full of flack for the NY job and then knuckled down to it OK.

      Damn, of the rest of her party had half the vision and a quarter the strategic thinking, they might be the government.

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