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  •  Re: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (none)
    Well you obviously were never in uniform. (thats not a dis merely an observation).

    So those of you who never were will understand. Soldiers HATE political visits. They hate speeches.
    If i may explain:

    When a muckety much shows up.. or a general wants to give a speach.. or the Colonel is bored and wants to  make the whole bloody Battalion suffer...

    You all form up on a field somewhere. Then you stand there and wait an hour or two for the potentate to show up. You all dress right etc, stand at attention when they walk in and at parade rest while they recite the crap you could really give a shit about. Then the sub-potentates do their bs.. you go through the rituals.. Attention, right face, march out yada yada.

    Sooo you just spent two or three hours standing out in the heat waiting for some ass who felt the need to use you for a photo-op or who wanted to make himself feel important. Someone who you know could honestly give a flying shit about your or anybody there.

    Dont get the idea the 'troops' love this shit. They dont. Send Britney Spears to iraq. The troops would LOVE that. Send Snoop dog. Send Garth Brooks. Send Toby Keith. Send Shania.. THAT will make the troops happy. Not some pissant deserter frat boy trying to look good while a Brigade pulls  guard duty to protect his butt.

    •  Re: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (none)
      You're right about soldiers hating "dog and pony shows", especially front line troops. The general feeling is that it takes time away from more important missions (or training in peacetime).

      I think that's why TPTB decided to make this seem so impromptu. Not only to avoid the insurgent guerillas (their clever traps take time to prepare), but also to make Bush appear less managed.

      Note, however, that the accent is on appearances. He cares less about the troops as he does about the next election. The reason he appears so dull isn't because he doesn't comprehend, but because he doesn't care. He has a bad case of "birthright mentality".

    •  Re: "Unprecedented" trip to Iraq? (none)
      You're right, I didn't know this.  I was trying to explain why the troops would have welcomed him, but of course, they welcomed him because they had to.  It would be impossible to know their true feelings.  I was trying to see the possible positives (even though I'd like to think they all hate him by now).    

      Are there really no circumstances under which the troops would welcome a potentate visit?

      Democrats: the party of security, infrastructure, and rights

      by Katydid on Fri Nov 28, 2003 at 09:17:17 AM PST

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