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View Diary: The Disturbing Obliviousness of Kossacks About an Impending Execution: An Innocent Man Will Die (317 comments)

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    interesting case

    Lizzie Borden stands accused of murdering her family.  There are ten witnesses who claim to have seen the act.  Nine of them say she didn't do it.  One of them said she did.

    seems like an easy acquittal

    The nine proclaiming her innocence are Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Erzsebet Bathory, Harold Shipman, Jim Jones, and Robert Pickton.

    The sole witness claiming he saw her do it was Abraham Lincoln.

    it gets even more interesting ... not only are all the witnesses famous ... they're all just as dead as the defendant

    all i wanna know is whether Dick Cheney will be testifying for the prosecution or for the defense ... that'd make it easy to decide

    meanwhile, call Sonny Perdue and the Georgia Board like the other folk suggest

    odd ... Georgia's the state where Nancy Grace prosecuted ... she had a sloppy record too ... guess it'd be too much to hope that CNN ...

    it's about biconceptualism ... Obama08

    by wystler on Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 02:30:41 PM PDT

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