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View Diary: The Disturbing Obliviousness of Kossacks About an Impending Execution: An Innocent Man Will Die (317 comments)

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    Or better yet, read what I have actually posted. You seem to be willing to attack me for points I am not making. I have admitted that I am unsure on the DP. I used to support it. Now I am not so sure and have posted that I believe a moratorium is in order. I also have said that I support a stay of execution in this case. Yet you  rathery unfairly characterize me as a "Fry 'em first, let god sort 'em out" type,when I've posted nothing that suggests that. I've backed a moratorium. I back a stay here. I have suggested life in prison, no parole as a viable alternative. I've stated that I don't believe that the DP has value as a general deterrant, despite its undisputed value as a  specific deterrant. I am someone who you and people like you  could indeed convice to join you fully. But you do nothing for your cause by attacking me for  arguments I am not making and telling me, to "listen to myself" when its clear you don't even know what I have actually posted.

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