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    Scout Finch

    Dailykos is media--new media--but really just a newspaper or radio or tv show.  It has sponsors, and it has readers who choose the site, along with other sites.  It is independently owned, and as such, can do as it (he) pleases.

    I'm a viewer, my comments are of interest to a few, but mostly I'm a spectator that supplies Dailykos with "ratings."  If the site and I are in sync, I stay and that helps the business end.  If the site no longer meets my needs, I leave--no great loss for Kos unless many follow me out the door.  

    Some media have op-ed sections with opposing views--this site wants to be all Democratic, all the time.  I'm not leaving, just viewing less often.  I would like things to be different here, more liberal, less party-centic.  C'est la vie.

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