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  •  A lot of truth in this diary..... (1+ / 0-)
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    AndyS In Colorado

    I've always considered myself middle of the road, not particulary interested in politics one way or the other - that is, until the Iraq fiasco hit and my son was shipped over there.  Then I started paying more attention.

    And what I found was troubling.  All of the contempt and hatred from both sides of the fence - the ultra right wing and yes, even the ultra left wing - left me shaking my head.  I harshly disapprove of Bush and his Band of Boobs that have miscalculated nearly every decision they've made over the last loooong 8 years, running our country into the ground.  I can't see myself voting Republican for a long, long time - if ever again.

    I frequent two sites:  Daily Kos and Right Wing News.  And frequently I'm at odds with the postings on both of those sites, although I have to say I agree with DKos more than I do with the crap on RWN.  I just wish there could be more understanding, more empathy, more of being able to see the other person's point of view.  Heck, I don't know...maybe it's never been that way....

    One thing I do know for sure:  the next president can't be any worse than Bush and the Boobs has been.  I'm hoping for Barack Obama.

    The diarist here makes some excellent, well thought out points about Republican hatred.  But he also has to realize that any hatred is bad and destructive, whether it's from the right or the left.  

    •  Well, there's hatred, (1+ / 0-)
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      which I would hope I'd never indulge in too much .. my actual "hates" are almost always specific and personal, and very rare, or else totally general and impersonal.

      But as I said in the diary, it's not so much that I hate right wingers (though, for me, they do tend not to be terribly likable often as people, for the reasoning I tried to explain in the diary), but more that I hate their hate, if that is not too recursive.

      You have my utmost sympathy for your son being in Iraq.  Hopefully we can get them out of there before too many more people die needlessly.

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