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    I know the law says women who want an abortion have to hear all this at least 24 hours prior to actually getting the abortion, but is there an upper limit? That is, can they call in to hear the message but not get the abortion until a month later? Two months? Is it only limited by the progression of the pregnancy to the point where state law no longer permits an elective abortion?

    •  Once a woman has heard the info (5+ / 0-)
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      she doesn't have to listen to it again as long as she sees the same provider.

      I am Dr. (Beket).  Two other doctors are associated with the clinic – Dr. (--) and Dr. (--).

      This is part of the state-mandated information. The woman must be given the name of the physician who will perform her abortion procedure "orally by telephone or in person," either directly from that doctor or from "a referring physician."  

      So if she decides to see someone else -- or if she must change providers for some other reason, such as finding out that her pregnancy is further along than she had thought -- she does have to start all over again.

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