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  •  I gather Kerry has some 'investigation years' (9+ / 0-)

    left in him.  Quite a few in fact given the past 6 1/2.

    •  heh - that's why Dem leadership confines him (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      karenc, lotlizard, Indie Liberal, Phthalo

      where they can.  

      I've been watching this play out more than a few times for over twenty years. Kerry smells a rat - investigates - uncovers - exposes - and then the DC powerstructure swoops in and attacks and undermines him (conspiracy theory nut, they say) - and powerful Dems side with the secrecy and privilege of the BFEE.

      The only way they couldn't stop him is if he had the access to release documents that only a president has.  So they controlled the votecount and stole the election.

      If Kerry was one of them he would have been president long ago.

      •  I wonder if the truth of this (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        karenc, NYFM, Jail the BFEE

        will ever widely get out.     It must seem so counter-intuitive to anyone who was not paying attention during the 1980's to consider Kerry outside of the mainstream of Washington politicians.   I know you are right.   Reminds me of Jonathan Swift quote  (loosely quoted) "You will know a great man when the dunces are in conspiracy against him"

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