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  •  The "noble lie" concept is from Leo Strauss (1+ / 0-)
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    a philosopher most noted for playing a key role in neoconservative thought in America.

    Basically Straussians are anti-democratic in the sense of recognizing natural equality among men. Instead they subscribe to the domination of the strong over the weak - the reality of the natural world. To them, a stable social order requires that elites endorse and feed a diet of religion, deceit, and shibboleths to the common man to hide their reality-based agendas.

    ...the neo-conservatives of the Bush administration are dominated by Straussians.

    The quote is from a book review of The Political Ideas of Leo Strauss written by Shadia B. Drury.

    Drury points out that

    ... philosophical elites require simple-thinking, true-believers of societal platitudes to carry out their radical policies - the very epitome of which is George Bush. Constant, chauvanistic war mongering is essential to keep the population in a non-thinking fervor, while more calculating elements like multi-national corporations can proceed with their agendas relatively unimpeded. The current and non-ending war on terror is a perfect vehicle to suspend analysis of policies and actions. However, it is disturbing when the elected leaders of a nation actually believe their own propaganda and convince others of its veracity.

    Don't ever expect to get the truth from these people.

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