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  •  I'm bummed (music-wise) (4+ / 0-)

    Although I knew Lollapalooza was happening that weekend (they have a kids stage now? ha!), I hadn't realized it was right across the street from the hotel.  That's gonna blow big time.  I had requested a room with a view of the park, but now I'm thinking of asking for a room in the back of the hotel.

    I also want to go to a hip-hop club and maybe get in some steppin'.  Seems like I have to get out of downtown to have a little fabooj-fun, though I have found some blues clubs that seem pretty cool.  I have this guidebook, but I get depressed at all stuff listed thinking, "I can do this in Los Angeles."  But we don't have Frank Lloyd Wright's house here, nor do we have a bean, or cool fountains, or YearlyKos!

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