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  •  Women are a product of their environment (13+ / 0-)

    so they come into a clinic feeling guilt about needing abortion care.  When they are treated with dignity and respect, and shown that the abortion decision requires strength and courage THEN they become stronger and yes, proud that they have made this decision...and have gotten ACCESS TO MUCH NEEDED CARE.

    Years ago the clinic was attacked by an individual with a sledge hammer and we had to evacuate.  It was sleeting and we huddled in cars waiting for the police to take this guy dressed in a red jump suit away.  We had everyone return to where they were (except for the front of the building that was now open to the sleet).  We did not lose a single patient.  The most common statement was "can I be next before something else happens?"  So women will go through a great deal to receive abortion care when they know they need it.

    Women deserve quality abortion care.  Remember the saying "if men got pregnant abortion would be a sacrament".  Women deserve respect and often the only place they find that respect for the abortion decision is inside clinics!  And that is really too bad!

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