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View Diary: "The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion" (344 comments)

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    I attribute "hypocrisy" to people who do not live by the ethics that they attribute to themselves and impose on others.  I think it's pretty clear in the case of an anti-abortion activist who seeks an abortion and then still remains an anti-abortion activist.  

    I'm sure at times I've felt impatient with people who fumble in the check out line and then got up to the front of the line and messed up in my turn, but I don't see the analogy between that and calling hypocrisy by it's name.  

    My impatience with that person's clumsiness does not impose on them in any way.  Also, I would hope at least in my case it would be a lesson learned about being impatient and judgmental towards others.

    IMHO there is a huge difference between a mistake and a persistent, deliberate lie.

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