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    If you ran a ob gyn practice and didn't want to deal with tricky or risky pregnancies, you could simply farm them out immediately.  This leaves you the simplest and least risky pregnancies to deal with, saving you headaches, fights with insurance companies and expense.

    Trust me, I waltzed through my first pregnancy right up until delivery.  Then the unknown event occurred which required an emergency c-section delivery.  I was informed that my next pregnancy would be considered high risk due to the unknown event.  However, my care providers didn't send me away.  (Wasn't much they could do, except watch closely in the hopes that they could catch a problem before it affected the pregnancy.  We hadn't a clue what happened previously though.)

    My friend suffered a disastrous loss of her first child delivered early due to intra uterine growth retardation/placental dysfunction.  She then went on to miscarry and finally to carry a pregnancy to term after being under orders to show up at the ob gyn office the minute she had a positive home test.  She was firmly in the high risk camp and used a high risk care specialist.

    My point is that if you want to know about the cases where hard decisions are made, look to the high risk ob gyn specialists.  They handle the bulk of the tough cases where maternal health issues arise most often.

    No more lies - IMPEACH!

    by Fabian on Mon Jul 23, 2007 at 01:18:17 AM PDT

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