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    Noor B

    Having worked with hundreds of teachers here in NJ, I can relate to much of what you have written here (and am looking forward to the book), and can even provide a bit of corroborating evidence. Teachers talk about how it all goes back to the test scores, teaching is all about the testing, etc. And while all schools are being affected, it's the high needs schools and districts that are having the most trouble.

    What's really scary about the Bush Administration's belief in NCLB is the fact that it has framed the argument surrounding NLCB as a civil rights issue. While I agree that access to education is a civil right and an issue of equity, testing all kids does not create an equitable education. But, the Bush Administration has set it up so that if you challenge NCLB, you are a bigot and don't believe that poor and minority kids can learn. And, even when we uncover just how complicated education is, and just how problematic NCLB is, those of us who are critical are immediately dismissed. And teachers who say anything can be shut out, even when their students are performing.

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