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  •  My letter to Face the Nation after yesterday (5+ / 0-)

    Dear Face the Nation,

    This week's show began with these words:

    "This week on Face The Nation an exclusive interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, on the battle between President Bush and Congress over Iraq. Have Democrats given up on trying to change the president's strategy? And why won't they consider plans put forth by Republicans who have their own ideas about pressuring the president to draw down our forces there? "

    Paraphrased: What's wrong with the Democrats? Why won't they just do what the Republicans want?

    It continued like this:

    "Then we'll talk with Maine Senator Olympia Snowe. She's one of the Republicans who wants the president to change strategy, but can't get the Democratic leaders to work with her."

    Paraphrased: Well, this needs no paraphrase. It's clear as a bell. The Republicans are reasonable, the Democrats are not.

    Could the bias here be any more blatant and shameless?

    The questions from the host started in the same vein. The first words were:

    "Senator Reid, last week you made a very big show of trying to force a vote to begin bringing the troops home from Iraq."

    So there it is, buying the Republican talking points hook line and sinker. "A very big show." The Democrats were doing "theater", while the woefully misunderstood Republicans were just trying to be reasonable.

    The actual fact was that the Democrats were acting to block a filibuster threatened, and certain to occur, by the Republicans. If you're not willing to present it as fact, which it is, the least you could do is present it as a point of view of the Democrats, rather than only presenting the conservative viewpoint in the way the entire show is framed.

    The bias here, while nothing new, is simply too much. No attempt is made to even disguise it.

    Over and over we've seen these "radical leftist" views borne out as in fact mainstream, as what the country at large is thinking. You then slip into them yourselves, albeit belatedly.

    Please listen to this and please hear it: The country agrees with Harry Reid. Not with the Republicans. Not with you, who think he's some sort of extremist. We don't. We think you and the Republicans are exactly that. If the Republicans want to rally around the President's disastrous failed stubbornly held policies, then this is their choice. No one will suffer from this choice except they themselves, come the next elections.

    I'll say it again: The country is not with the Republicans and not with the President, but with the Democrats like Reid who are trying to end this debacle. Public opinion keeps bearing this out, over and over again. It is you, and the conservative viewpoint you adhere to, that are out of touch.

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