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  •  Michelle Malkin (3+ / 0-)
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    Ignacio Magaloni, dss, MikeTheLiberal

    Is very much playing a part in this scheme to stamp out DailyKos, she is using the the same talking points. hate speech and all the other bogus claims.

    A few months ago during the immigration debate I noticed that Ace at ace of Spaids commeted on that the right wing bloggers need an "enforcer" type presence on the internet.

    Malkin also has an increasing role on BillO's nonfactor.

    They see the power dailyKos has to move and shake all things politics and I have no doubt they are going to use a multi prong attack.

    DailyKos denied them the Democratic debate and hammered home that the reason was lack of journalism  legitimacy.

    DailyKos is directly a threat to fox continuing this con game as having any legitimacy in journalism.

    They also go after MSNBC and NBC but without the traitor charge, why? because they know NBC has a army of attorneys to fight back.

    They figure if they can take dailyKos down, they can remove one huge giant brick and work from there.

    •  And yet (5+ / 0-)

      Here's the FEC Comment which Malkin signed onto in 2005:

      A site wishing to incorporate for liability-limiting purposes and solicit funds for candidates, as Daily Kos did in the 2004 election, could do so – only if it were willing to register and report as a committee, and observe federal campaign finance restrictions. We see no regulatory purpose served here. The upshot of the cramped scope of the exclusion is to deny Markos Moulitsas (the individual behind Daily Kos) and anyone else in his position the ability to organize his affairs in a way that suits him. If the Commission crafts an appropriately protecting media exemption, then many of these concerns may fall away, since that exemption does not apply only to "individuals." If not, then we strongly urge the Commission to extend the "independent or volunteer" exemption to uncompensated groups and to entities incorporated for liability-limiting purposes.

      Which is what the FEC did.

      •  Michelle Malkin (1+ / 0-)
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        has gone to a dark place, she is on BillO non factor alot.If she is getting is paid, then that makes her an employee of Fox news and an arm of Fox news, by extension of that arm she is also a shill for the Bush/Rove/Cheney whitehouse. The conflict of interest is glaring.

        Count Michelle out when it comes to bloggers rights, she has antiKos threads up and is very much involved in trying to take this site down, along with this asshat and Aceofspaids.

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