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  •  British troops tell MPs military role over (0+ / 0-)

    Mr Ainsworth said that neither the Iraqi police nor the Iraqi army were able to guarantee security in the region. Brig Hughes told the MPs that an Iraqi general had told him some police officers were "totally incompetent". Mr Ainsworth added: "We cannot hand over to a vacuum."

    Ninety per cent of attacks in Basra were against British troops, the committee heard. The attackers, said Mr Ainsworth, included "patriotic youth", a "huge criminal element", and militias supplied with weapons by Iran.

    He said: "There is clear evidence of malign influence across the border [with Iran] in the Basra area. There is little doubt, when you look at some of the munitions being used to kill our people, they are not being made in garages in downtown Basra. They are coming from outside the area."

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