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View Diary: O'Reilly: "Open forum is bull." Except if it's mine. (171 comments)

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    highfive, Dauphin

    when I say someone is "insane", i just mean 'oh they've said something unreasonable', you know?  when i say this about bill o'reilly, i believe it 100%, the guy should be found legally insane. its like Fox found the crazy homeless guy from the subway, bought him a nice suit, a nice apt., and gave him a tv show.

    politics in this country seems to be rapidly devolving into the relatively sane vs. the goners like bill-o.  the rational part of his brain, if there was one, is just gone.

    Bionic orca maki, anyone?

    by itsbenj on Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 11:07:47 AM PDT

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