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    'Standing by their president?'  If you saw your friend ramming his head against a brick wall, bleeding, would you stand by him or suggest maybe he stop banging his head against the wall?

    And plenty of liberals have come up with options in the middle east.  Can we call any of them solutions?  No.  Because we don't know if they will solve the problem.  But we know what hasn't solved the problem: the Bush administrations attempts.  America is tired of Bush's "wait, let me try this" approach.  He's used up his do-overs.

    The surges is working?  Which part?  The increased violence or the more dead American's and Iraqis?

    It is soooooooooooooooooooooo obvious you watch Fox News and listen to conservative pundits when you pull out the talking point phrases 'invested in defeat.'  What a silly and meaningless phrase.  Explain how you 'invest in defeat.'  Difficulty: no other bumpersticker phrases.

    And if you can't see the overwhelming majority of Americans disagreeing with Bush on global warming and healthcare, you need to hit the channel up button on your remote and get off of Fox News.  You won't see that information there.  

    Global Warming:

    Health Care:

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